Rival. Masculine. Competitor. Etymology. From Latin  rivus, río (river): rivales (rivals) , those who have the right to water from the same river; rivalis, belonging to the running waters, margins or banks, competitor, Italian, rivale; french, rival, ale; catalan, rival.


Del cabo al rabo


In the center a color palette that visualize the most predominant color of each of the places of the magdalena river from its birth till its mouth.  On the left a water sample from the birth of the river the Páramo de las papas and on the right a water sample from the mouth of the river Bocas de Ceniza. 

The following video illustrates the journey made to develop the color palette.

It is imperative to note how in the development of the human society  can not be conceived any activity in which the use of water is not present. The fragility of the environment and its impact to human life can be acknowledge whenever extreme events occur due to water (droughts , Floods and sanitation) evidencing simultaneous dependence and resistance. Colombia has been characterized by its agricultural potential, however the availability of water has not been used to transform the country and develop a large industry around the field: To convert a rainfed agriculture (to cultivate only when it rains) into a irrigated agriculture (to provide water to the plants when they need it through irrigation systems). Likewise,  when communicating, the Magdalena River plays a fundamental role in understanding and approaching a broader country vision, where the river crushes the idea that we are all connected. 



Taking into account the social constructions and the environmental dynamics that happened around  water, It is proposed in this project to highlight local daily life, allowing the construction of a social panorama of water, which blurs and expands the notion of boundary, territory and climate. Building an indeterminate territory in which science and myth not only coexist but fuse. The myth as the origin of science invites us and helps to expand the definition of society. To achieve these objectives, we traveled along the Magdalena River from Bocas de Ceniza, pasando por Sitio Nuevo, Calamar, Plato, Magangue, Mompox, El Banco, La Gloria, Gamarra, Puerto Wilches, Barrancabermeja, Puerto Berrio, Puerto Boyacá, Puerto Triunfo, Puerto Salgar, La Dorada, Honda, Girardot, Neiva and finishing in the lagoon of the Magdalena in the Páramo de las papas.

Enciclopedia Sonora del Magdalena

The construction of a sound archive of each of the mentioned sites, allow us to develop an acoustic map of the Magdalena river that responds to its dynamics and Conditions. Allowing to build a panorama of the country associated with its people and the diversity of its territory.

Editorial initiatives:

Parallel to the development of the Magdalena river trips, we have started to execute a book that condenses all the documentation and the archive of our trips. 


Text by Fernando Barrera. 

Design by Santiago Rodríguez 

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